5 Signs You Should Get a Heat Pump for Your Pool

An icy cold pool is usually not that inviting. To make your pool comfortable, you need a heater. Wondering if a heat pump is right for your pool? If any of the following statements describe your situation, you should talk with a pool professional about the benefits of a heat pump.

1. You Want to Save Energy 

Heat pumps don't heat the water per se. In other words, they don't use electricity to generate heat. Instead, they use electricity to move around heat. Most pool heat pumps draw in hot outside air and then pass it over an evaporator coil. The refrigerant in the coil heats up and moves through the condenser. Then, that heat transfer to the water that's moving through the heater. This process uses less energy than a traditional pool pump. That's better for the environment and for your budget.

2. You Only Use Your Pool in Warm Weather

For the above process to work, the temperature of the air around the pool needs to be warm. You can't use a heat pump to heat your pool if it's at a cold ski resort, for example. However, for the standard home or commercial pool that you only use in the summer or during relatively warm spring and fall months, this heating option works perfectly.

3. You Don't Mind Paying More Upfront

Although pool heat pumps save energy in the long run, making them cheap to operate, they tend to cost more at the beginning. In particular, they cost more than most petrol-fueled pool heaters. However, that increased upfront cost saves you money down the road.

4. You're Comfortable Paying for Professional Installation

You can try to install a heat pump in your pool on your own, but for best results, you should hire a professional. They can make sure that everything is connected properly and that you choose the right heat pump for the size of your pool and in terms of the weather in your area.

5. You Want a Long-Lasting Solution

In addition to being cheaper to run, heat pumps also tend to last longer than other pool heating solutions. Your installer can let you know exactly how long the model you're thinking about getting is going to last, but in all cases, you can extend the lifespan even further by getting your heat pump serviced on a regular basis.

To learn more about the benefits of a heat pump for your pool, contact a professional today.  

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